What exhaust is this??

I just got this bike 02 yz426 It has a few aftermarket goodies on it....is this the factory exhaust or is it aftermarket as well. It really needs a repacking and I would like to know what I am working with. It says Titanium accross the back but thats the only markings I can find on the pipe. thanks for the help



that apears to be a stock exhaust form a 450 maybe .. or poss a gytr exhaust

looks like someone cut the exhaust tip off

Someone has decided to get cute with that one. It was a stock exhaust, but somebody cut the outlet tip off and shortened the can 3-4 inches or so and made a pile of junk out of it, IMO. No offense to you.

I took a closer look and it almost looks like they cut the whole thing shroter. There is a warning writen on the side of the pipe by the tip and all of the words are cut off, and it has been RTVed. I would love to stick and new white Bros. system on there but for right now I am going to have to make do with repacking.

none taken, if you saw the guy I got the bike from you wouldnt be suprised, Im not at all.

It sounds like total crap.

I herd if you cut off 3-4 inches off the can it adds power but makes it like 10x more louder.

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