Your opinion, please

I have an 03 KX 125 (please excuse the 2-stroke) with Pro Circuit pipe and silencer and a Vforce reed cage. The jetting has been very rich and even after changing the 420 main jet to a 400 and changing the pilot for 40 to 35 (both being two sizes smaller). We also changed from a BR9ES to a BR8ES, and that seemed to work well as long as you didn't ride extemely slow. BUT that was for the winter. Now it's getting warmer and I am going to go a race at a higher elevation on July 9th so I could use some help as to what I should do. Maybe come out some on the air screw?

Thanks ahead of time,

Dillon Swaim

what tells you its rich?

When riding with the 8 if I ride slowly behind someone of just slowly through the parking lot, it will foul the plug. Also, if you go a little slowly in the trails in really tight sections you can feel it trying to foul the plug, but you can clear it out if you catch it in time. All of the was while the temp was still in the 60s, rather than the 90s like it is now.



Eddie? Help please?

have you leaned out the needle?

It is in the third slot from the bottom.

Does a 390 main, but take the plug back to a 9 sound reasonable?

leave the 8 plug.its fine and will help deter plug fouling in low rpm riding.

try 2nd clip 390 main.

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