XR200 1990 clutch cover on a 1994 case

Hey guys I'm working on a XR200/NSR50 project. I plan to build up a xr200 motor and stuff it in a NSR50 rolling chassis. I got most of my motor off of Ebay and I already have the NSR50 roller. the motors will fit great at least im that far. I need both case covers and a few other things still. I'm wondering what years are the motor the same.

will a 1990 Clutch cover fit on a 94 case?

Any other info would be appreciated.


will a 1990 Clutch cover fit on a 94 case?

Yes, the OEM Honda part numbers are the same - 11330-KT0-830

Thanks for the quick reply.

any other handy info you would like to give out?

so im assuming the 90 to current xr200 motor is the same then?

whats the common mods done to these motors?

ide like to get as much top end out of it as possible, are there any other heads i can run on it? How big of valves can i stuff in the stock head?

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