Selling my 03 450 What should I ask?

Let me start off with some of the mods...

Black Excel Rims

Showa forks

Front and rear suspension done by RG3

Engine ported and polished before my last three rides

Fat bar clamp

Scotts Sterring stabilizer

3.4 Clarke Desert tank

Whitebrothers R4 exhaust

Radiator guards

Stainless Steel Valves for longevity

AMS OIL Graphics

I bought the bike from a guy who thought it was too much power to handle on the track and had started riding with his family so he bought a four wheeler, he raced the bike once but got fourth from last place including the DNF's. I raced the bike once and got 13th from last but still had a blast doing it. Iam going on a mission now and need money for it so I was wondering what you think I should ask...Or you can make offers. Somebodys already offered me 3700 but I personally think I can get at least 4 to 4 1/2.

BTW, The guy I bought it from changed the motor oil after every ride and tranny oil every other....I change both oils and clean the filter after everyother or if its a hard ride I do it every time I get home.

I can't resist, you should ask yourself why am I selling this great bike? Sound like a very nice bike with some nice mods so it is possible to hold out for the 4kish but it all depends on how fast you have to settle for an offer. Also there is the fact that most of the time when you mod a bike it is for personal taste and the mods don't necessarily add to the value of the bike. Good luck on the mission and the selling of the bike.

Take everything you can off the bike thats aftermarket sell it on ebay and ask $3800 if the bikes in perfect condition.

It's painful to think about, but if you spend a million dollars on a $4,000 bike, you're the proud owner of a $4,000 bike. The '04's are selling for under $4,000 with lots of accessories also, and the '02's have crept under $3,000, so take off and part out all of the aftermarket stuff that you can and try to get $3,600. When the new bikes come out in a month or 2, it seems like the papers are flooded with great deals from guys who are dumping their bikes to get a new one. You don't want to compete with any of that.

I agree with Leardriver.

I have a 2005, in dead sexy perfect, not yet needed valve adjustment condition with suspension work and excel wheels condition bike, and after listing it on several sites in the mid $4k range, didn't get a SINGLE inquiry.

To think you'll break into the $4k range with a, I hear there's an *ss for every saddle, and I hope you find one, but I fear it's unlikely.

The location plays a HUGE role in how much you can get for a used bike. About 3 years ago, back in PA, I bought a MINT 2000 CR250 for $1,800. The beginning of last summer I advertised it here in Bozeman, MT and was getting offers in the $2,700 range. This area has very few used bikes floating around, which helps keep the resale up. Especially if the bike is in good condition (the mountain riding can beat them up).

I would look locally at what people are asking and set your price accordingly. You may also what to consider advertising in areas that don't have a large number of used bikes floating around, like Bozeman. Last year I was set on an '03+ 450 and found one near Great Falls with about 15hrs on it that I paid $4300 for. Just because people are saying that '03's are going for around 3k in their area doesn't mean that you can't get close to 4k in Utah.

Here's some examples of the prices from a local paper:

2001 Honda CR250, full FMF exhaust, new back tire and paddle, new top end, $2900/OBO. 209-2647

2001 YZ250F great condition, never raced, extras included. $3000/obo. 843-5565

Also note that there were NO crf450's, any year, advertised in this paper. This means if someone like me who has their heart set on a crf then they are willing to pay more or drive farther to get one. Hope some of this helps.


Let me start off with some of the mods...

Showa forks

Call me crazy, werent these standard on that model?

G man80

Your definately right about the asking price being decided by the market you live in. Out here in So Cal there are so many used bikes being sold you usually don't get what you expect to for them.

Well, I've got a '04 CRF 450 with maybe 40 hrs on it. Very clean and bone stock except for FC suspension mods and a skid plate. I'm asking $3800 and I've had 2 dealers offer me $3600 and $3500 respectively in So. Cal. The dealers will sell it for

$3999. Too many used bikes around to get over $4G for an '03 out here.

I will take the stabilizer if its a sub-mount and the wheels if you sell them.

You'll make the most off it if you return the bike to stock and sell your mods off. I take it you kept all of your stock parts.

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