over-heating gas???

the last 2 times i have ridden my bike..i think i am having a problem with over-heating gas...after about 30 minutes of hard riding..the bikes feeling like it is running out of gas(half a tank of gas in the bike)(popping..surging)..what makes me think it is over-heating is....as soon as i pull in, i remove the gas cap...and the gas in the tank is "bubbling".after about 10 minutes the bubbling stops...and the bike runs perfect for another 30 minutes or so...

is it possible that this is really what is happening???

You sure your vent hose and gas gas cap is properly venting? We had a KTM 65 that would run outta gas with about 1/3 in it, Crack the gas cap to let some air in and it was fine. I always cracked the cap after motos even if I didn't add gas. But "bubbling" I don't know. How hot is the bottom of the tank to touch? Better yet, drian some and take it's temperature!

good advice...thank you...

Careful draining it, flammable liquid and 120+ F temps don't mix well.

my gas was doin that also.i put some moose heat sheild on the bottom of the tank and engine ice in the radiator to cool the engine head temp better.i got the heat tape and coolant at the dealer through parts unlimited.no more bubblin fuel. if that dont help try goin to the #55 leak jet and boyesen quickshot.that really helped mine:applause:

I had that same problem on a hot day here in Sweden!!! I just drained the carb and then it was fine... Weird.. :excuseme:

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