400 Upper Triples to 426 Question

I have a WR400 I'm selling, but before it's sold I want to give my Emig Racing w/ Scotts mounting setup to my buddy for his WR426 (Upper triple & ProTapers w/ Scotts Bracket). Will it mount up or are the forks different? I'm pretty sure the frames are the same, so the bracket for the Pin is the same, and most likely the headstem stuff. What about the diameter of the forks? Can we swap this part over?

I'd really appreciate the help, trial and error is always possible but I'm sure I can save myself about half an hour by asking here. Thanks!

Ok, I looked at several aftermarket companies and 4 out of 5 had the same part # for the uppers. PC is the only one with 2 different part numbers for the 400 & 426. :bonk:

Not that anyone cares. :excuseme:

I bought a set of used 426 triples and successfully installed on my yz400. I believe they are the same. I also know Yamaha changed the rake/geometry for the 02 wr, but that was in the frame and not in the forks or clamps. Hope this helps.

Thanks! It does. I was hoping that the offset was the same because I dont have the lowers just the upper.

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