Looking for a new 06 RMZ450

I am looking for a new 06 RMZ450. Does anyone know of any that are available in the midwest at a good price?

I have a almost new 06 Suz RMZ 450 for sale, very little time on the bike $ 4750.00 email e21racing@wctc.net

not to highjack, but what parts ARE NOT interchangable from an '05-06? I have an 05 and just found a brand new '06 for cheap. Since the '07's arent changing much I am thinking of buying the 06 and was cruious about that, i.e. plastic, clamps, seat, oil/air filters, sprockets, etc....

i have on that has less than 5 hrs never raced,like new.selling to buy my son

a 125.if you know were you could buy a new 06 rm125 i would trade even,i have been told by a dealer the invoice price on the 125 is 4460.00.i live in the knoxville tn area

Thanks for the help guys.

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