YamaCasi how you doing?????????

Bonzai - how is the calf? I hope you are healing quickly! I heard some other folks got hurt at the Luthersville Track. Must be too narly......Bunch of us headed to Echeconee Saturday for practice, if you want to join....to ride or hang out. Hey, check this: I beat both Steve V. & D. Streever in 2 separate classes, last weekend at Copperhead for 2X 1st places 250C/35+pro. Hey, if the woods are calling, the WR needs some use! Let me know.

I thought I was doing pretty good until last night. For no reason My entire left leg from the knee down started swelling about twice it's normal size... :)

Called the doctor this morning, and of course he doesn't have a clue except to say stay off of it more, or come in and spend more money so he can tell me face to face he doesn;t know jack.....

Glad copperhead went well for you. I would love to go this weekend, but my wife has already read me the riot act for taking the man child to the poker run last Sunday....I have to sit around the house this weekend....Need to install my new jetting anyway. Mentally I'm ready to go, Physically the leg won't handle it just yet...

Bonzai :D

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