1999 kx80 problem

okay... heres the deal

bought the bike, took it out for 3 days to Uwharrie, NC. ran great started first kick no problems

got home, went to kick it, wouldn't start (fouled plug)

put a new plug in, alls good...

took wheelin again, hard to start, ran great after it was warm it started fine

after about 2-3 hours, fouled plug put new plug in, fouled it about 1 hour later

got home and ever since it was rough to start

used a test lamp on the plug and couldnt get it to light up??? no spark?

im guessing its the stator, and was gonna replace it, but i dont understand all the different aftermarket crap

moose and electosport sell "lighting stators" that say they replace the source coil, is this what my problem is, the source coil?? also, why does electrosport sell a pulsar coil, my bike only has one coil currently??

hopefully someone can clear things up for me... I only have one coil on my bike that I saw when I pulled the mag off, isnt that the source coil?

thanks in advance

do you turn off the gas tap off after use and do you give it throttle when you try and start it :excuseme:

Well... got a new stator

before i installed the new stator I checked the old one after removing the two screws and got 350-370 Ohms, which according to my book is fine

back to the drawing board tommorrow I guess

okay... got the new coil installed

got spark again, cleaned the carb (fuel inlet was sticking)

so I have spark and fuel, but still a no go on running

it was trying to start at first but now not even trying... keeps fouling plugs

do you turn off the gas tap off after use and do you give it throttle when you try and start it :ride:
Yeah what he said.

Its probably jetted wrong, thats why its fouling plugs and running like crap (its bogging isnt it?)

When you puill these plugs out are they black?

Go 1 size down on the main jet, and then fine tune w/ the AF Screw.

btw, Altitude and heat change jetting, So what ran fine in NC Might not run fine at your home, Whats the elevation your at now, and were at then?


got some brand new spark plugs and it runs fine now...

Im new to the whole 2 stroke thing, so I guess for a 2 stroke my plugs were considered to be shot

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