what do you think about pc's linkage system

I was wondering if anyone has tried the link system. I have seen them for Kawasaki and now in the new Dirt Bike magazine, for the CRF450. Is it worth anything to the performance. or just bling Thanks

I've been thinking about going with the RG3 or FC link. I hear nother but good things about the way they make there rear end behave. The PC one is probably pretty much the same.

Can I ask WHY? I dont follow a lot of bolt on parts. I honestly belive they make them just to make money. For the people that want all this stuff. Dose it really make you that much better on the track? If it lowered or lifted (sounds like a bra) I can see it for personalization. Other then that I call these products Snake Oil. Ask yourself, are you going to win that next race if you have it?

The CRF rear linkage makes the stroke have an abrubt spot half way through the stroke. These aftermarket links smooth out the stroke. Making the bike much easier to control into and over braking and accel bumps. And makes jumping alittle more predictable. I could really care less about the next race and if I win it. If it makes the bike easier to control then it takes less effort, then I can ride faster for longer and have more fun. And thats what it is all about, FUN.

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