05 yz 125 maual?

i posted this in the yami 2 stroke forum but no one knew, so im gonna try here. i want to get a service maual that has alot of detail for every part. i want it to have the stock specifacations and exploded views of every part in detail. i want something like this, but i cant find one. clymers has one for 96 to 2001, but i want an 05 because it was the first year with the aluminum frame and stuff. does anyone know where i can get one? :excuseme:

clymers is always a few years late. u need the official oen from yamah. which is expensive and harder to understand. go to a dealers to get it

how much do u think the one from yamaha is, do u think its under 70 dollars, if so that would be great.

i was thinking they were 60 bux. I was also thinking you could go to the yamaha website and view youre manual in pfd format, but i dont think you can print them off.

Yep, i'm doing alot of thinking right now.

lol, i want something i can just have right next to my bike, take places with me, like the track and friends house, and just stuff like that. i just found the one online

o yea, and there 60 dollars

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