How should I check for a bent shaft?

I've been having bad vibrations lately and can't figure where it is coming from. I was thinking back to my kickstarter install and recall that when I installed the gear on the kickstarter shaft I had it inproperly oriented. It did some damage and sheered of the kickstart stopper arm. I fixed it and didn't give it much thought but lately when I have been trying to zero in on my vibration problem I thought about that incident and how it may have possibly bent the kickstart shaft in turn causing the vibes.

So my question is: Does anyone have any suggestions on how to check for a bent kickstart shaft w/out splitting the cases?

I was gonna remove the right side cover, pull the spark plug and hit the starter button. Maybe I will be able to see if the shaft is bent while it rotates.

Nothing is bent. The kick start shaft does not rotate (except with the kick starter) so that is not the problem. The kick start idler gear is mounted on the stub end of the countershaft. To bend that will take more than the kick start stopper. You are going to have to look elsewhere for the source of the vibration.

I hope you are right. I will be dismantling the right and left side cases and the head cover to check for loose componenets today.

I took everything apart and it all looks kosher as far as I can tell. Maybe Im just being a big pu**y!

Psssssssssst, Noble is usually right about what he posts. :excuseme:

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