BRP ,Into and out of Pick-up Truck

How do you load your bike into your pickup Truck ?

Do you have help ?

For Me , I back my Truck up to a grade (if I can find one) & lower the tail gate and drive my bike up my ramp .

When I unload, I back The BRP out of my Truck

There must be a beter way?

Unless you can pick it up and sit it in and sit it out...thats it.

I depends on how big and strong that you are. I've got a XR600, but it's the same weight as a 650R. While a grade is nice, I can load it on the flat with no major problems. On my old truck, a 89 Toyota 4x4, I could just push it up the ramp, step up on the tailgate and continue on into the bed. My current truck is a F150 4x4 with an 8 foot bed. The step up is taller than my old truck. I can't step up on the tail gate without a helper step, like a milk crate. Since I cant step up to the tailgate, I usually just put in in near the side. I just push it up the ramp and continue up by the side of the truck. I keep my hands on one side of the bars and push it to the front of the bed. I'm 6'1" and weigh in at about 260, if I were any shorter I would have a much harder time.

I've had mishaps with the drive it up the ramp method, so I don't do that unless I'm hurt and can't push it in.

Having helpers is best though!

I have an aluminum ATV ramp similar to this (but with fewer slats):


I just ride it up and walk it down. Easy.

I use to load my XR400 into the back of an old Toyota 4x4 by running it up a wooden plank. I think I actually rode less because I hated loading it. :excuseme:

i just lft my 650l into the back. j/k i need help with it on my truck its lifted several inches and is on 37 inch tires there is no way i can step up while pushing.


I use a when loading my pig in the back of my Tundra 4x4. I also place my bike stand as step for when I am loading/unloading.

2x12 with ramp hardware. And a milk crate.

i just do the old school run up... and walk backwards. always been a joke with my buddies cause i always find the worst piece of wood to load my bikes up with. i think the widest one i have used was a 2x8 more often then not i end up using a two by four... if only people would stop taking my damn ramps

I have two ramps -- my BRP goes up one and I go up the other. I'm loading into a shortbed Xcab 4x4 F250 and there is no way I could step up onto the tailgate.

I've never had a problem doing it myself but you've got to use a crate of something for a step or you'll have a hard time.

I use a a little two-step step ladder and it works great.

Be ready to be a little bit scared lowering it out the first couple of times.You get used to it.

Nobody else just feathers the clutch up the ramp :excuseme:

After beating myself to death on the trails all day long, the last thing I want to do is muscle a heavy bike into the back of the truck.

Usually I just try to find a grade, or some kind of way to make the back of my truck lower, but there isn't always one around. Usually I'll just suffer, and run the thing up my 2x12 ramp, and then prop one knee on the tailgate and lift the rest of myself up in the back.

My truck sits pretty tall and has no tailgate.... and I'm 6'3. I open the barn doors on the camper and put my cooler next to my ramp(ramp is only 6" wide... But it was FREE). I fire it up and walk it in.... in first gear and step onto the cooler, then the bumper, then the bed and I'm in....... unless I forget to duck low enough and hit my head on the ceiling of the camper. :excuseme: One day I'll get a double or triple wide folding aluminum ramp so that I can ride it in.

4x2 F-150, long legs and a 2x8x8. 2x8 has a little mod though. I put a loop screw about 2 feet down the board and then attached a rope. The other end of the rope has a chain hook that I can just hook onto the hitch safety chain holds. This keeps the board in place when backing down.

People can think all they want about the lumber, but it's a lot less slippery than those short (6') metal ramps. I've seen more crack ups with those. They're too short (especially for a 4x4 truck) and they slide all over the place. And, nobody has stolen my 2x8 yet, although I'm sure some redneck (a smart one) will someday.

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