RECORD Ensendada to San Felipe 250 Race

On Saturday we raced the RECORD Ensendada to San Felipe 250. We came in 20th and rumor has it Baja Rudy Iribe was 3rd. Congratulations Rudy.

Its really not a 250 mile race; more like 130 miles in the dirt. The top part of the course was breezy, some rain and 32 degrees C (85 F). Our first rider did well until he got off course for about 10 miles and that really cost us time. I anticipated him to be done in 1 hour 5 minutes, he finised in 1:21. The second part of the course was down near San Felipe as we had to truck the bike down south for the road section. The only races that get street privilages are SCORE races. They start you on your minute 1 hour after you finish section 1. We split the next section for the race in to two 40 mile legs. The temperature increased to 42 degrees C (108 F) and it really sucked the strength out of the us. I managed my 40 mile section in 39 minutes, passed a few bikes/quads making up about 12 minutes and then Manuel took the last 40 miles in about 1:12. We started legs 2 & 3 a little behind the curve but made up some ground.

Here is a link to my photo gallery pics. Some of them are of Rudy and his 1x machine.

thanks for sharing the pictures Morgan, good to see you guys down there too. Yes, we came in in 3rd place...first 3 bikes were in less than a minute between them!!! great race. :excuseme::bonk:

first 3 bikes were in less than a minute between them!!! great race. :bonk::p

cheers rudy. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Who Won the race?

pro bikes:

1. jorge hernandez/septien

2. rojas (solo)

3. iribe/magana

4. servantes (solo)

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