Dr. Marks help needed with torn Scapholunate.

As the post says I am looking for your thoughts on what is the best method of repair for this injury. Your thoughts on braces, tensor wraps, etc. What is the best approach to a successful recovery and what kind of time does something like this usually take? Thanks for any and all help doc!

In my not so humble opinion, the most practicle approach is an open reduction, pinning and short arm cast for six weeks. After that the pins can be removed and started on Range of Motion exercises. When I operate on an out of town rider, I use absorbable pins so they don't have to come back to Houston.

In the Canadian system, with limited acess to specialists, you have to tough it out. The incidence of arthritis will be higher without anatomic reduction.

I would get a removal wrist splint for now. When you ride, I would get that Can-Am wrist brace. Someone please tell us if they know of another or an better wrist brace.

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