Stock DRZk gear shift lever positioning problem

The gear shift lever on my DRZk is positioned so I have to really point my to down to shift. Anyone have a replacement suggestion that might solve this ergonomic problem?

Umm, might I suggest you try moving the gear shift lever up a spline or two :excuseme:

I can do that but then I would have to leave off the counter shaft sprocket cover. That or fabricate a little-

the extended lever (baja designs) works great on my size 10s.

the extended lever (baja designs) works great on my size 10s.

Any idea of the part number for that extended gear lever?

My boot is size 14 and I would love a longer lever, cant find it on their website.

Is the extension forwards? Or more out to the side?

I had to move mine down from the original position because it was too high.


If yours is up too much take it off and reposition it. The shift lever is longer than stock. It has been bent a few times on rocks. Here is my long lever:


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