Are there differences between the 2004 CRF 250 and the 2005 CRF 250?

I am looking to buy either one of these bikes and I dont know if they made the bike better in 2005 or if they are mostly similar. So if anyone can help me out thanks in advance.

ya i think that the valve seats on the 05 are better than the valve seats on the 04....because the 04's eat up valves like a bitch

can you switch to '05 seats if you have an '04?

i think the cam is diffrent to

I would deffinatly get the 05. Ive got friends that race them and have had good experience with them. The 05' is bullet proof compared to the 04'

The 04 and 05 seats are the same.The only difference is that the 05 has more bottom ans less top.Both bikes are equally good.I have an 04 and it's going strong.

im not aware of many differences between the two. i have an 05 and it is awesome. im sure an 04 would be pretty sweet too though. if you have any buddies with those bikes you should try riding them and see which one you prefer.

beefed up cylinder skirt in 05 :excuseme:

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