Made my own step seat today

I got tired of everyone in the country being out of stock/ on backorder for SDG step seats, so I gathered up the nerve to make my own.

Removed the cover, marked the stock foam with a Sharpie, taking care to draw straight and measure both sides to make sure it stayed equal. Cut it with a Cutco bread knife, worked well, but I hear that the electric carving knife is the hot setup. Took my time to make sure the cut was even on both sides, then worked up the back curve. Smoothed the sides to make it curve like stock, checked to make sure there weren't any glaring bumps, then applied spray on adhesive to bind the top foam together. Also decided since the stock foam was a little ragged at the edges, that I would spray the cover as I put it back on, to help hold it in place and keep it from chafing off the foam. I'll just replace the foam and cover if it becomes a problem later. Re-stapled the cover on, and it looks good! A couple small bumps that got by, but overall, it looks almost standard. I needed to lower the seat height a little anyhow, seeing how I'm inseam-impaired, so I'm really excited. Obviously, if you're tall, you likely won't do this, since it will lower your seat, but for some of us...bonus! :excuseme:

Saving $100+ was a added plus too. :bonk:

Cool. Any pics? :excuseme:

I'm going to work on it today...will see what I can do.

I'm too tall for this mod on my '06, but I did it once to an '85 VF1000R Interceptor. Used a gearhead buddy's 1" wide belt sander, end result was perfect, kept a lot of my bodyweight off my arms and looked untouched.

I also once whittled a CR250 out of an oak tree....after being released from the hospital and completed physical therapy! :ride:


If your tall add foam to the back :ride:

Most hommade ones are cut from a tall seat foam that I have seen. I bought one of the Ceet full step seats from ebay. It took 3 weeks to get but was worth the wait!

I also just made my own step seat. I used 1" foam and tapered it towards the back of the seat. I am alittle tall so i didn't want the seat any shorter, so i jsut added. it is not so bad at first you notice its there, but after a little time on hte bike it feels normal. I think i may need to make a different one that is a bit farther forward on hte seat though. Not sure if it is in hte right spot, but thats the beauty of making it, if its not what i want i'm not out any money. I will try to post some pics of it later today. If any one else has done this, where does your step start? or anyone with a sdg or other step seat, about where does the hump start in relation to the airbox?

Sorry this took so long, so many projects, so little time! :thumbsup:


That looks really good. I like it. :thumbsup:

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