What should I do?

I have a 1994 KX125...and I'm starting to get good at riding (I've only been riding for a little less than a year). I wanted to buy a YZ250F but I think I really like 2 strokes...so should I buy a new YZ125 and get the 144cc kit? or get the 250f? I'm 5'9 140 lbs., I find that the newer 2 strokes have way more power up top...4 strokes are fun but I cant jump on them good....I dont know why...

any further help appreciated


get a 2 smoke, it was arguable with me too, but i went 2 stroke. there more fun to be on, lighter, hard hitting, but fun powerband, its just something about 2 strokes u cant get rid of.

Yeah I think I'll go with the YZ125 and get the 144cc kit...that way I can keep up better with the torque monsters (250f's)

Dont waste the extra money on getting a 125 then putting a big bore kit in. They are expensive and unnecessary. You might as well take the money you have for the 125 and the big bore kit, and get a 250 or 200 instead.


Get a new 125 or be a man and upgrade to a 250 smoker!!!.

Do any of yall who say get a 200 or a 250 understand that some of us want to race the competative class? and not the old drunk 250 class? 250s are a blast to ride, but I want to race a different class, 134 it is.

at the amateur level the 250 class is every bit as competitive as the 125 class.

not around here....

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