The new 2007 WR...I don't like it!

The only thing I like about the new WR is the headlamp. :thumbsup:

YZ rear fender stock? You can't easily hang a plate off it and expect it to last. :thumbsdn:

I think my next bike will be a KTM.

Same fender as the '07 and I have a plate and signals hanging from mine and no problems.

Her is a pic with the tag removed, just before washing the bike.

The new WR's look awesome!! My '03 WR is for sale and i am trying desperately to find the extra cash for the new allumarrific one! Yamaha is showing the way to the competitors once again!!!!

Maybe I read your post wrong but you do realize that the Honda and Kawasaki both have aluminum frames right?

Either way, I think this WR looks cool. Still think the klx looks cooler but that is all personal preference.:thumbsup:

I have mine moto the 6 months, am to adore, has a strong engine and so lacked not to be so rude in low rotação.the only defect that me appeared was: spots in the aluminum frame, but so very small spots. but exactly thus I ordered a guarantee order. but of remaining portion I am super contented with moto, for me dont could have done choice better.


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