New Bike Pics

Just a few pics of the new TC450.

A silhouette:

With Flash:

Right side:

Left side:

Front Right:

And yes I have properly routed the front brake line since taking these pics.

Can't wait for this weekend to ride.


Thats awsome, I like it... Id like to ride one.

:bonk: man, i seriously think the 06 huskies are some of the best looking bikes, and there probaly amazing bc my dads 04 te 250 is pretty darn good on the buy one for sure if i had money and wasent in love with yellow :excuseme:

Looks awesome nice bike

Very nice looking bike. And where the heck do you live? It looks awesome there.

thats a bad ass looking bike. nice purchase.

Very nice looking bike. And where the heck do you live? It looks awesome there.

The pics by the ocean were nowhere near a riding spot. That was Ft. Casey State Park on Whidbey Island. My mom has a house there and needed some work done prior to her 4th of July gold party. So I promissed to help her with some things and couldn't ride. But I remembered that state park had some wide open areas so I thought I could get some nice pics of the bike.

The funny thing is that about fifteen minutes into taking photos the ranger shows up. So I am thinking, I better tell him I am a working pro taking pics for a local shop and maybe he'll leave me alone. Sure enough he had no plan on harrasing me, in fact, he was a rider and thought maybe I was selling the bike and was wanting to know what I wanted for it. Then he asked me which shop I was taking pics for and so on. Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .


That is one sweet lookin' bike!! Those pics are good enough to be advertisement for Husky. :excuseme:

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