Whats the torque for...

Im after the torque for my cam caps as iv been told by someone its 89ft lb...

Im like bullshit.. those little bolts carn't possible take that much tension.. and the alloy cam caps would warp..

Im thinking 9-13 max.. anyone got the exact? :excuseme:

89 inch pounds isnt it?

arr inch pounds, theres the glitch, thnx fellas..

actuly it would be 7ft lbs. or 84 inch lbs. It used to be 108in lbs which would be 9ft lbs. How ever 89 isn't going to make any diffrence.

yeh that sounds better..

Better get out the 36" johnson rod and reducer down from 3/4" drive to 1/4" drive to get those cam caps to 89 foot pounds buddy!

lol i think those pissy little bolt wouldnt take much more then 20ft lb..

Eitha that or the cam caps would compress outwards n lock the cams into place.


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