Yamaha GYT-R Skid Plate??


I'm looking for a pretty "clean" looking skid plate for my '06 WR450 and found the Yamaha Enduro Plate. Looks pretty nice! Does anyone have this? What do you think?

The other one that I like is the Devol skid plate... called them and they said that they haven't tried it on an '06 yet so they couldn't guarantee the fit. If the Yamaha plate fits '03-'06, shouldn't the Devol plate that fits '03-'05 work?



If it is the same they sell in Europe don't buy it. It does not offer much more coverage than the stock guards, and the fit isn't really good (too long bolts that come with the guard, it mounts on the wrong places, the hole alignment is not very good). And the thing is loud.

I've got the Devol skidplate on my 06 WR450. all the holes line up perfect with the factory holes, bolted right up. 2 of the screws supplied with the skidplate were to short so I made a trip to the harware store and got longer screws. Satisfaction= 10 :excuseme:

Ive got the GYT-R plate and like it. I havent had any other to compare it to.

John in Vegas

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