How Much?

My youngest son just upgraded to a Kawasaki KX65. In order to continue to pay for his racing I need to sell his old bike. He has a 2005 Honda CRF50 with the following upgrades:

rear i-shock, extended fork tubes w/ applied springs, Pro Taper bars & triple clamp, TB88cc kit, heavy duty clutch & oil pump, takegawa CDI, BBR footpeg mounts, IMS footpegs, Big Gun pipe & Joker Skid Plate

I will also throw in a separate front suspension (5 inches of travel), with rim & hydraulic brake.

My question is how much is a fair price?

depending on the condition of the bike id say 1200

Thanks - I was thinking that was about right too. Of course my wife wants me to ask more - she reminds me about how much money I put into the bike.

id put it in like cycle trader for $100 bucks more than you want so when someone calls and asks to lower it a hundred bucks you get the price u were lookin for. that sounds like a heck of a 50 - i might even go to 1500 bucks if i were you

ill give ya 20 bucks CA$H BABY!!!!!!!

the way i always looked at it is you can get hlf of what you got into it out of it like 1200 for the bike 600 plus a 300 bbk 750 so on and so fourth

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