clutch slipping (not drz)

im sorry to post a non drz question, but i thought more Knowledgeable people would see it here.

i have a kx 125 86, it started to slip everytime it got near band, new springs later and no change, so i put a couple of washers in between the pressure plate and the springs (as someone said this will put more pressure on it stopping it from slipping) what i found it now i have no clutch at all, there is no resistance when rolling the bike in gear, now im lost on how the clutch works.

simple question is, from what i have done, what do i do now to do the oppisite? and get some clutch back.


If you put the washers under the springs they might be hanging up on the inner clutch( The part where the bolts thread into) and that would put no pressure on the pressure plate. Try to put them on top( next to the head of the bolt). I'm not sure how your bike is built but if it has a shaft that goes through the center of the clutch to push on the pressure plate to release it, it may be jammed in place and not let the springs push the plate back tight. Maybe this will help. :excuseme:

shimming clutch springs is just a no other choice repair at the track or on the trail.

you need to figure out why it was slipping.most likely the clutch is just worn out.

Take it apart and look for the problem. Shim washers only work if they are the right size and put in the right place. You probably just need a new clutch.

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