Surprise! My suspension doesn't suck

Took a first ride on a 02 WR250 I recently bought. I had read many times that the Husky suspension is good with a revalve but is harsh stock. I had budgeted for a new bike so there are plenty of funds for suspension work and I have assumed I would do it first thing. But I was really impressed with it stock. It was very plush. I was charging over rocks and roots and could hardly feel them. It is much better then my 99 Honda CR250 that ProMotion revaved.

I felt the front deflect a couple times (hydo lock ?) on a few small rocks but after I backed of the compression a couple clicks it seems almost gone. I think I am too heavy for the stock springs (about 2.5" of sag sitting on bike) and who knows how old the oil is and what the level is so I am sure they can be even better.

The back felt good also. I could get it to kick a little when powering over roots but I don't know if any suspension can solve that. It kicked much less and stuck to the ground much better then my Honda. I couldn't get the the rebound but with how slow it felt I don't think it needs more. Maybe less would help? I haven't even set the sag yet so I am sure it can be better also.

So I am wondering, as good as it is, would a LTR revalve make it much better? Suspension is the most important part of the bike for me so I don't want to skimp there but I don't want to throw money away or make it worse. I have ridden many other bikes like 06 KTMs and many revalved big four brands but none were as plush as mine. Since I was not used to the bike, was alone, and didn't have hand gaurds on I didn't push it real hard so maybe it will get overwhelmed when I do but I did purposely slam into a lot of big rocks at speed and it ate them up so I don't think it needs to be firmed up. It also didn't wallow or do any other things a too soft bike would do.

I am thinking that most people revalve before they break in and that's why they have the reputation of being harsh. It is possible I do not know what good suspension really feels like and am not fast enough to need it but I know this bike has a very comfortable ride and all the negatives were for harshness and this is the least harsh bike I have ridden.

Overall I am very impressed with stock, especially for an 02 model.

BTW, if anyone knows what the stock spring rates are, what an intermediate 190 pound rider needs, best oil height in the forks, clicker settings to start with, etc please let me know.

I am also curious if I can just add preload to the forks.

If it has not been revalved it will get MUCH better after LTR does it and adds the right springs. It will handle much better as well. My 04 TE450 was the same way, I scratched my head wondering if it NEEDED revalved, after I got it back from Les I realized it did. Also it is going to feel better than your Honda because the motor is much smoother and not jacking it around. Les will know what spring rate you need and may have them on hand for a swap out.

Glad you like the bike, i thought the 02 was a great year for those even though they are all very similar they just seemed to get a nice balance with that year.

The Honda had too much midrange for sure which caused problems. I don't think the stiff frame helped much either. Still the forks were much harsher. Yesterday I kept slowing down for things and trying to go around big hits when I didn't need to. I can slam the bike right over stuff and not feel it. I know I will be much faster on this bike once I learn what if can take. It really turns with no effort and is stable. I just don't see how anyone could call this suspension harsh. The only bikes I have ridden with this type of plushness got scarry when pushed hard but the WR stays level and under control.

Did your WR vibrate much? Mine is really bad and it's really my only complaint. After I got it home I discovered both lower motor mounts were loose so I hope that is the cause. I was going to just order tall 7/8 bars and use the stock mounts if the bike did not vibrate. Otherwise I am looking for a tall 1 1/8 mount.

Do you know how the kickstand installs? I have it and 2 springs but when I went to put it on I did not see a place for the second spring. Is there supposed to be some kind of a loop to secure it in the upright position (like on a ktm)?

I'm still tuning but the motor feels good. It is easier to run it in the midrange since it still gets traction there. Bottom end is a little soft which makes it work better in low traction situations. I am still playing with the jetting and since I have a PWK I am having to figure it out on my own.

Did you get my email?

Was that the WR250 that was on Craigslist for $2500? If so, it was a bargain.

yes, that is the one. I paid 2300 and it really doesn't look like it has over 30 hours on it. I was going to get an 06 next month but since I don't think much has been updated since 02 I didn't see the point in spending twice as much.

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