cheap front signal mod

This has probally been said before but here goes any way.........

To raise and tuck in your stock front signals, remove , inverte and swap sides with the stock bracket....signals wind up level with the highest & widest point on the faring and the inside edge of the lens are about 3/4" from the fairing.

I had to cut off the wire piece on the front brake/clutch cable holder and move the clutch cable in front of the brake line, other than that it's a simple take it all apart and put it all back togeather, it's almost like they were meant to work this way.

Still too impaired to post pics, dang mad cow!

This sounds cool. Bump for pictures.

pics needed!

We need PICTURES!!!! :excuseme::bonk:


yes, pics would be good!!

pics please :excuseme:

Pics again....

Did anyone mention pics?

Do you just put the left on the right side (bracked and all) and put the R on the L side?

Can you email pics to me or someone else on the board and they can post them?

::BUMP:: for picts... :excuseme:


Somebody go visit and take some pics!

bump for pics

has anyone asked him to post pics yet? :excuseme:

I just did it, it looks much better. This ranks right up there with losing the back fender and replacing the chain guard with the Zeta.

Mrmajestic, GOT PICTS or a detailed description of what to do!? :excuseme:


I have a pic in my garage showing one stock signal in the stock position and an aftermarket signal in the inverted position if that helps.

Just did it. Good idea.



definitly looks alot better. good mod

Just did it! Excellent and easy mod.

Remove the lights and brackets. Disconnect the wires via the plug.

Swap sides, invert, and point the mount to the inside.

My right side worked great no changes.

Left side. Cut off the wire hook on the front brake line mount and re-installed using the same bolt for the signal. Worked well with my ignition having pro-taper fatbars. Made the brake line stick up a little more but not bad.

Looks great, brings the signals right under and infront of the bars and close to the shroud.

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