Major hanging idle prob - HELP!

A few months ago my 02 WR250 developed a hanging idle problem. So before I posted here I did a search here and found lots of answers. I went through each scenario and still have the same prob. 1st check was to pull the carbie off and clean it out. Look ok, noticed the push cable was frayed so replaced the throttle cables. Put bike back together, ran normal for about half an hour then idle hanging back again. Pulled inlet manifold off, looked like no leakes but made the clamps pull tighter. Checked valves today all withing spec.

Now the only thing I have changed has been a powerbomb header. I have had it off twice to see if maybe the midsection was leaking but its hard to tell as I can't hear air leaking but it may leak. Could this be the prob? I have always had #42 pilot, #172 main, #60 leak, zipty fule screw about 2 turns out. Turning the fuel screw out whilst its hanging makes no diff. I have to snap the throttle open to get the idle back to normal, if I open throttle lightly she idles real fast. Anyone plz!!

On some ignition advance curve maps(and there seem to be minor variance between CDI boxes even of same model year), the idle speed can be right at the spot where ignition advance changes causing irregular idle speed. The neutral switch will also have an impact. I have seen bikes(my '05)where the idle speed goes up 6-800 RPM when simply shifting into gear from neutral(of course if neutral switch connected). Personally I kind of like the higher in gear idle speed(1900-2100 as manual spec) with a more normal feeling 1400 in neutral.

On another note....I'm totally digging you tank graphics. Having an 02 WR, we're limited to choices for graphics. Where did you get them?

Found the graphics on Ebay for like $15.00. They were old stock from the Motocross Des Nations or something. If you hunt on Evilbay things keep popping up!

Assuming that there is no mech problem (carb/cables sticking) Your pilot jetting is too lean. When you snap the throttle it gives an excess of fuel to the motor because of the acc pump & richens things up a little & stops the hanging. I had the same prob with my yzf. This is a good guide I would add to set a fast idle when checking

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