I Can't Find An Sxf!!!!!

Well i was planning on joining the ktm family and i had an 06 sxf 250 ready for me to buy and then the guy gos off and sells it to someone else...how gay is that?!?!?! and now ive looked everywhere in my region and cannot find an 06 sxf anywhere!!!! our local dealer isn't going to order anymore 06's either...but i want to get an 06 because i can't afford an 07..does any one have any suggestions...if not i might have to buy a honda=[...but there still good

How much did he want for the 06? If the price is right I might sell.

Try outa state and have it shipped. All American KTM of Ramona, Ca has them for $5500, then shipping. Pretty good deal. Tell em Jason sent ya....


he was sellin his 06 for 4999 and we told a week before that we would by it....and then he sells it to someone else 3 days later!

I know where there are two here in Idaho. Let me know if interested.

Should have put money down. Most people don't consider something officially sold until they have a check, at least a deposit. Lots of lookers say they're coming back and then don't.

Hey there. Ill sell my sx250f for the price you offered him. It is in brand new condition with almost a 1000 dollers in race tech suspension. Its a great bike and if you are intrested pm me.You would not be disapointed in this bike. It looks and runs like it is brand new. If you want I could send you pics. I have not posted yet in cycle trader but i will soon. Pm me.

desertridingdude's 2006 Sxf 250 is freaking sweet! The stock suspension is junk! he got his redone and it is soo plush. But this kid is a clean freak and its annoying how he always has to clean his air filter and change his oil...I tried to get him into racing but that was a bad idea this kid is a joke he spends more time cleaning it then riding it.

Where are you at in Texas? we may have an 06 for sale in San Antonio. Let me know

The clean freak's bike sounds xllent to me, but if he is too far away try ktmtalk.com; any thing and every thing ktm is there...

he was sellin his 06 for 4999 and we told a week before that we would by it....and then he sells it to someone else 3 days later!

you should of done a down payment to seal the deal, words are nothing to dealerships there just looking to make a quick buck

down payment wouldve got you the bike.

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