New '06 WR450F questions

OK, I need a summary!! I am currently sitting here in Iraq (another 47 days to go!!) and I am getting things in order for the arrival of my '06 WR450F. Actually the bike is waiting for me... whaterver, that's a different story. I am going through these threads and getting confused by all of the different combinations of mods. I want to ride the bike once in stock trim, but then it's time start moving up. I plan to open up the airbox, remove the exhaust baffle, swap throttle stop screws, and discombobulate the grey wire. I will add the zip-ty fuel screw and remove the AIS as well. I am doing pretty good up to this point, but it starts getting "grey" from here on out. BIG question: do the AIS removal kits (TT or GYT-R) INCLUDE jets, adjustable needle, and instructions? I will be riding in Wisconsin with temps being from 40 to 90. I am hoping that I can re-jet once and then be done with it because I WILL eventually drive myself nuts or wear out the screws on the carb.!

could someone please tell me WHAT is in the TT AIS removal kit?

And last, but not least, WHICH Zip-Ty fuel screw do I need for the 2006 WR450F. Please be nice since I am not able to actually touch or look at my bike for a while... all I have are pictures and YOU!



'00 KTM LC4 400 SXC

'06 WR450F

as far as i know, there is only one screw and it fits all of the fcr carbs.

John in Vegas

I just picked up my 2006 WR450 last week from a dealer in addition to the GYTR AIR removal kit. I thought the instructions were just "okay" in the kit. The pictures are very small and there is not a lot of detail in the instructions. Included with the kit is the hardware to remove the AIS, a #48 pilot jet and an adjustable needle. You are on the right track with the Zip-ty fuel screw. I picked mine up last Friday at the local motorcycle shop. I ended up ordering the JD jetting kit which you may also want to do since you have a bit of time on your hands.

The airbox mods and gray wire was easy. Don't forget to either remove the inner exhaust baffle or order the replacement Pro Moto Billet piece. It really makes a difference.

well, I do have some time on my hands, but unfortunately my bike is 7,500 miles away!!! Once I return the TT AIS kit and get the GYT-R kit I will be all set.



First thank you for the work that you are doing for the USA and the cause of freedom all over the world not just for the Iraqi people --- editorial comment ends here.

Now, as for what to do for mods to your bike. I own a 2006 WR and I owned a 2003 WR also. Given that you are not going to ride through extremes of altitude, such as I do, from below sealevel to 5,000ft, you only need to buy the GYT-R AIS Removal Kit. It includes a richer pilot and main jet, an adjustable and richer needle, YZ Throttle Stop, all of the blank off caps to disable the AIS with instructions, as well as instructions to install all of the non-AIS related parts in the kit. In addition, the kit includes instructions to open up the airbox, richen the air-fuel screw, disconnect the grey wire and remove the baffle in the muffler. If you follow the instructions, the bike will run perfect and you will be a very happy guy. It is a waste of time to even think of riding the bike without incorporating the modifications called for in the AIS Removal Kit.

In my opinion, you do not need a Zip-Ty Fuel Screw. The reason is, the easy way to remove the plug that prevents the adjustment of the air-fuel screw is to remove the float bowl --- you most likely will end up removing the float bowl to change the Pilot and Main Jets. I found it too difficult to try to remove the jets through the drain plug located on the bottom of the carb. Word of caution here, the float bowl screws are soft. Use a GOOD Phillips screwdriver and ensure that you are straight on the screws and applying firm pressure. The instructions will tell you to turn the air-fuel adjustment out a specified number of turns, this is VERY easy with the float bowl already off. You will in all probability never change the air-fuel screw adjustment again. I never touched my air-fuel adjustment on my 2003 in 3,500 miles of riding. I have owned my 2006 since October 2005 and haven't touched the air-fuel adjustment on this bike either. If you think you may want to tweak the screw, just because you aren't sure that I am correct, go to Sears or any place that has a decent tool selection and buy a stubby narrow blade common (slotted to non-aviation people) screwdriver for a couple of bucks and use the cost savings to buy a case of good Mexican beer. Enjoy your new ride.

Thanks Bajafool, you put my mind at ease with the advice. I am pretty pumped about my new bike and all of the shiny new parts that are waiting for me!

Ride fast.

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