Is this kx500 better than a wr450?

Too much motor

Sick bike. I'd get it. Mint condition.

I really wanted one of these. The 500cc 2 smoke carries a certain amount of prestige. I can't really say why I wanted one but I sure had the hots for it. Then I rode one. I have a practice loop of about 1.5 miles through the woods and here I discovered the K5 was not for me. I was consistantly slower on the K5 than my KTM300EXC. Just too much for me to try to control and way too much wheel spin. This was a woods friendly K5 that was raced often so I felt like I was making a fair comparison. After several hours of testing and trying I just couldn't get the lap times down. Maybe it was just me or my riding style but it just didn't work. As an afterthought I threw a leg over a woods friendly KX250 and too my surprise I was quicker on the 250 than I was my 300. The K5 times weren't even comparable to the 250. My suggestion is try one of these 500's before you buy it.


you're comparing a dolphin with a shark ??

The 500 two strokes are the best dune machines.

having owned a k5,and it was set for the woods, i would say no way. far to demanding,it will tire you out way faster. mine was a 90 but the bike never changed in all its prodution run.i had my fun with it but after riding a newer 250 i was convinced. the 500 will not turn or stop is not as comfortable as my 02 yz250 and i pushed that to the back of the shed when i rode my new wr450. and if your going to hurt yourself the 500 will do that in an instant.

If you ride open deserts, sandwashes, dunes and monster desert hills then oh yeah thats the ship maynard, if you do anything outside of this-no

I would say get the wr. The last line of this guys ad says he wants to trade for one. That tells me something right there.

The 500 two strokes are the best dune machines.

...And from my experience, they are good for little else. Riding an open class two-stroke anywhere other than the dunes is asking for trouble. They are simply too much to handle. Even with flywheel weights, different porting, it doesn't really matter because the bike is still and always will be a 500cc two-stroke. I would only get that bike if you had massive amounts of two-stroke experience on large-bores and were riding it in terrain that wouldn't bite you in the ass if you made a mistake.


Thanks guys I test rode it and it was so fast! there is just somethin about that bike that makes my heart race! It is a monster!

I personally went and looked at this bike this morning... Its clean to say the least.. :excuseme: I am thinking about trading the guy my wr426 for this bike... I ride STRICTLY Sand and very very very little if any open desert... Since im searching for the Ultimate Dune Mocheeeen this is on my list... By the looks of it this morning all it would need is a seat cover, and some new grips :bonk:

Thanks guys I test rode it and it was so fast! there is just somethin about that bike that makes my heart race! It is a monster!

What at will you be riding it? I am also in Vegas.


The bike is at xtreme auto on gibson and the 215. I did not buy it due to financial situation. I hope I can get a bike soon though!

IM gonna call the guy a little later and see about a trade.. :bonk: I would repaint the frame though that paint is a little weird... Kx500 quite possible in my near future.. :excuseme:

IM freaking confused... wingysataday why is YOUR e-mail address the one used by the reply i got via e-mail yesterday... is this bike yours or what?

Come on show your self and awnser my question!!!

I did want this bike but if your going to lie to someone about owning the thing i dont think i want it... God only knows what else you have done to the thing and what kind of headaches would come after the sale...

SO KILL ME! Ok it's my bike I just kept on getting scam people in the for sale part! know one even looks at the bikes in the for sale ads on here. Beleive me this bike is flawless! I have owned it for two weeks and only rode it once. It is way to fast for me and I'm a wuss! The suspension is set up for a big guy from procircuit and I weigh about 180lbs. I just want to send it down the road! Sorry about the confusion! did you get that popping taken care of?

it isnt a tight trail machine. Its made for deserts, logging roads, dunes.

i never had a popping...

if ya want to swap bikes im all for it! :excuseme:

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