Training bad wrists safely?

I've got some problems with both my wrists, pain on the inside where the bone that starts from the thumb meets the wrist. It hurts to that spot both when extending or compressing the joint (at both extremes of the side-to-side movement of the wrist). I've had this problem before, maybe 10 years ago, due to extensive winter mountain biking. Back then the doctor wasn't sure if it was carpal tunnel syndrome or wear in the wrist joint surfaces.

Switcing to a handlebar with more sweep has helped, a modern straight bar was a pain. Motocross is ok, tricky trials style enduro with swamp pits & logs is worse. Also, I've noticed that if I stay in control and don't wear out my muscles, the wrists take it a lot better.

Since I've started riding this spring, after a 20 year break, I think I could improve things by gettin more power to my arms. Any good 'wrist control' excercises that are safe and effective? Other tips & info is very welcome too.

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