Chain Guard 650L

I'm looking for a chain guard. If anyone took one off & wants to sell it PM me.

My chain broke riding up the highway Wednesday & ripped up mine.

I made mine outta aluminum diamond plate....that thing is strong enought to withstand anything....sold the bike though. Check my garage for was really easy to do...paid like 10 bucks for the metal....cut it out in the shape i wanted....put a bend in it and drilled a couple holes....and bolted her on.

cool, thanks for the idea. I'll make one tomorrow (try)

no prob.....i just figured, its a lot cheaper than buying a new one and looks pretty could just use aluminum sheet with a dull finish to match the swing arm to...i just wanted to see what diamond plate would look like and it was almost free and I had a ton left over.

$5, and I'll send you mine.

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