Suspension Help: 05 wr450

Hey guys just purchased an 05wr 450 completly stock. I am 6'1 205. My first few rides out I noticed the front end was real washy to the point where I had no confidence in any turn. It was pushing in every corner. I am coming off an 03 kdx 220 that was completely set up for me with all the engine and suspension mods. I just started researching and was wondering if I need to change the front springs? or if any tips on what I can do to get the front end to stick.


The stock front tyre is a big problem.

The stock valving is soft for the WR's, get revalve, problem solved.

Had a similar problem in the wet stuff.

Raise the front forks up thru the clamps and drop the tire pressure. This helped me a good bit.

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