Pitster Front Chain Guide


I am looking for something to replace the front chain guide wheel, my stock one is ****ed! Anybody know where I can get something?

Thanks, that sounds great. I looked on your website but could not find the item. Does it go straight on? Do you need to do any modifications?

Yeah I got the same "chain roller". What a joke this thing is. Instead of having a lip on each side to keep the chain centered, it has a little lip in the middle. Like that's gonna work. You got any pics of your new mount Staggs? I couldn't find it on your site either.

We used an MSR ball bearing roller unit intended as a replacement for Yamahas--it's recessed in the middle to keep the chain on it. I also made a heavier arm from some scrap steel and made a bushing to fit the shaft on the frame, welded the whole mess together and it works great!! Much more durable than the stocker.

You got any pics of your new mount Staggs?

^^^I guess not

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