Leak at the base of the cylinder

I was looking at my bike the other day and noticed that on the right side of the engine there seemed to be some oil or coolant laying next to the cylinder on top of the water pump. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the cause? My bike only has about 10 miles on it because I have been in the process of dual sporting it. It is still under warranty and I will be taking it into the shop but I wanted to ask the experts first!


Its probably a blown head gasket. If you only have 10 miles on it, I dont understand how it could have blown, unless it was ripped or something when you got it.

just a possibility,but have you recently done an oil change? because I have noticed oil on that side when you undo the oil gallery bolt(top of cylinder) until oil seeps out, my 05 was leaking a bit

until I replaced the copper washer

Sounds like the fluid is coming out of the weep hole. Replace your head gasket. If the stuff is coming out by your water pump...then it would be a blown water pump seal.


Most likely it is the bolt that holds the oil line that feeds to the oil filter from the head. It is located just above the oil filter next to the water pump and oil will flow along the base of the jug and it may fool you. :excuseme:

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