06 KX250F Shutting Down

I got an 06 KXF that i bought used. I changed the clutch and the oil, changed the air filter, and threw a new plug in it. It runs for about 20 minutes, REAL good, then it will just bog and shut down. What could be causing this? I think its overheating, but the coolant is good and there are no signs of actual overheating. Just wanting some opinions and seeing if anyone else had this problem yet?

I hope your not saying that it sits idle for 20 mins...if so than yeah, its definately overheating, otherwise i dont know...

NO, NO.... i ride it for 20 minutes, it never really sits at idle, its constantly running.

does the kickstart go stiff after it bogs out?

no it just wont kick over for about 5 minutes, then it fires first kick and runs for another 20 minutes or so... im thinking the valves need some adjusting and im ordering a new boyesen water pump cover and impeller and messing with the jetting

Check the vent tube in the gas cap

It sounds like you have a CDI problem to me. 100% that its your stator or your cdi....so your best bet is to take it to your mechanic and mention those problems, or if you have to.....the dealership.

Hope this helps!

I spoke with a mechanic and he said it definately sounds electrical... he told me it could be anything from the coil, to the cdi, to the stator... now im not real familiar with 4 strokes, but i know 2 strokes dont get oil in the stator side of the side case, thats why they are plastic, but can there be oil in the stator side of my kxf? cause there is

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