Valve Cover Caps

Does anybody out there have any extra valve cover caps, or know where I can get some. Mine are chewed up, from what looks like to me to be years of abuse with an adjustable wrench and one is finally completly gone and I'm sure i'll destroy it when I'm forced to get it off. :excuseme:

Try to find a bike junkyard. They can be tough to find, but I know of a couple that are w/in 2 hours of where I live.

And chewed up valve caps are pretty common, too. I've had too many XRs to count that have had bad caps, and I've been forced to get them off w/ a not-nice method.

Try checking They have really good prices, and usually have anything you need.


I have ordered OEM Honda parts from Their service has been top notch from my experience with them. You can look at the Honda microfilm online and order any part you may need for your bike.

Badkaw2 :excuseme:


I didn't realize it when I first responded but it looks like ThumperTalk also sell OEM Parts. You might check there as well.

Badkaw2 :excuseme:

Hey thanks,

I ordered one from bikerbandit, but my account summary says its on order, so we'll see how long that takes.

What did they cost?

somthing like $14.50 a piece

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