Broke Head off gas tank top bolt. Help

Like the title said. But it gets worse.

So I broke the head off and started to drill out the stud and snap my drill bit breaks off about 1/2" down in side the stud. So I go up one size drill bit but it won't drill out the broken bit. I then run to the hardware store and but a extra super duty drill bit to try and drill out the broken bit. It drilled out about 1/4" and then stooped. So at this point I thought the easy out would work. I started with the easy out and to no avail it won't come out. My question is there any product out there that you can put in a larger hole and drill and tap for that bolt. It doesn't seem to need very much tork for that area but I still think it needs the bolt. Any help is much appreciated.

has anyone used fast steel for a repair for somthing like this?

When you drill out a broken bolt always center punch the broken bolt so the drill can't wander off and cause a mess. You may be beyond center punching and using a left hand drill bit. You could drill it out and use a heli coil . I have never had any luck with threads using any liquid steel or epoxy.

I talked to some guys that I work with and they have used that Faststeel a few time with great results. I'm going to give that a try and see how it goes.

I the bolt still broken or have you removed it? If not, try and shatter the remainder of the bolt with a small punch and remove it in pieces with picks.

vise grips lol

if u can grab it

I got it drilled out and I'm waiting for the faststeel to arive. I had to buy a high dollar drill bit to drill through the broken off bit.

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