Two Wheel Tuesday Question...

Does any one know what happened to Two Wheel Tuesday? I just caught the last bit of the show last week and it sounded like Greg White was signing off for good, did they cancel the show? That would be a shame, I think its one of the best bike shows on TV... :excuseme:

It caught me by suprise too. I watch the show every week and did not know it was being canceled. Bummer.

It was a good show but they did way to many boring segments. Like sport touring bike reviews and old folk motorcycle camping tours. But they covered lots of Road racing and some Motocross, so that kept my attention.

damn that sucks-----did not know that---ive been watching it since the beggining :excuseme:

You didnt see that coming? They boiled an entire 24 hour period down to a single hour, the slathered the day with incredibly stupid shows like that abortion "Texas Hardtails", while decent shows like Dirtbike TV or whatever with Larry Myers and that model chick, and all the racing comes out of the line up...

To say Im upset with Speed since the Fox network bought it is an understatement of biblical proportion. :busted::bonk::excuseme:

They replaced it with "SUPERBIKES!" that just premeired this past Tuesday. It's more sportbike oriented than anything but mainly to squids and stunt riding.

Thank goodness I have OLN so I can at least see motocross and enduro racing and occasionally some atv magazine television.

What happened to dirtbike tv? That was a good show??

I watched "Superbikes" yesterday. Really lame. I could really give a crap about putting NOS on an Aprillia. Or putting motocross handlebars and a skull headlight on my sportbike. Really super lame show. :ride:

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