VOR Footpegs

Had an off yesterday and luckily got away with only a bent brake lever and foot peg.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from in the UK? I have tried the usual suspects. Aslo do ones off other bike fit? if so which ones.

Thanks for your help

Do you need a brake lever, pedal, and/or foot peg???...right or left???...

Most Importantly....what YEAR and MODEL VOR?????....

cant help you without knowing more info....

:lame: :lame: :p:p:p:bonk::busted::bonk::excuseme:

Sorry didn't type what I was thinking.

I need a right hand side footpeg. I am going to try a kTM brake lever as they use the same mastercylinder...i think

The bike is a 2002 530 sm-e

i can help you.check your PM.

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