Head Gasket & Kawasaki Bond

I'm getting ready to check my own valves for the first time and i noticed that the instructions in the service manual show putting some silicone sealant on the head only on the cam chain tunnel side? Is that correct? Can you use any silicone sealant or do you have to buy the Kawi stuff which I'm sure will cost me double. Do you have to always replace the head gasket when checking the valves?? Seems like they recommend replacing the head gasket. :excuseme:

when checking the valves theres the one gasket on the left side with the 2 oval shapes in it...you DO NOT have to replace this gasket...and u really dont have to put silicone sealant on it either but its reccomended. just user any silicone sealant.

i've never used sealant... just make sure not to pinch the gasket putting the valve cover back on

You will get at least 10 on and offs out of that gasket. (it is the valve cover or rocker arm cover also not the head gasket.) I dont use any silicone either.

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