KLX 650 C seat options? / will KLR's fit?

So another tour and another numb bum. So I want a new, and non-purple, seat for my 1996, klx650C. First will any years of the KLR fit? (thinking corbin dished for a lower standover, and wider)

If the KLR's will not fit, does anyone make a stock KLX seat. A $500 - $700 full custom would be great, but just not going to happen

I ride a mix of on and off road (forestry roads/double track), not much time standing on pegs, and 155 pounds (does that effect how firm you want a seat?)

So the KLR's won't fit, anyone make an aftermarket one, or just get the stock one customised?

Dont think anybody makes one for the "C" model KLX650.

It took me a bit of hunting just to find a seat cover for it.....

Check out what this guy did to the seat on his KLX650:


He reshaped the foam and recovered it.

I recently removed the original purple seat cover on my bike and replaced it with a piece of soft black vinyl from a fabric store. It looks like a different bike now.

If you want to do this, make sure it's a marine/UV-resistant type of vinyl and that it stretches in both directions. The material I used cost me $15 for a yard, which was way more than I needed to do my seat. No stitching was needed, I just stretched the flat sheet really tight in the center saddle area to remove any wrinkles and kept stapling until it looked good.

This is the material I used:

Whisper Soft Vinyl


thanks guys, I think I've found a seat reshaper in calgary (150km away) she has gotten good reviews. under $200 CAD for reshaping, recovering

Here is what some other people might do. I use this on my 1986 Honda Reflex (enduro). I bought a $100. Gel (with fake wool covering) seat cover. It hooks on with nylon straps and comes undone easily. It is comfy as all get-out and keeps my rump cooler, also. When I am going over 15 miles on the Reflex, I just strap it on. When my wife and I are going on a long ride on my Harley on a hot day, I strap it on the pillon for her to keep her rear end cool. I have also used it on my 10 speed. When the Reflex is just sitting around, it has the original seat in place. It really works.

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