I'm chewing rear brake pads like candy - recco?

I'm running through rear brake pads like crazy. :excuseme:

I have been replacing with OEM pads, but is there something else out there that will provide significant increase in durability, without sacrificing performance?

I also note my rear rotor is grooved already. Is that normal?

How man hours should you get with a new set of pads?

Also, I suspect I may burn through them quicker becuase I have the Rekluse, so basically it's gas/brake all the time, much more liberal with the rear brake due to never stalling it...could that be part of my issue?

ps: search function is disabled at the moment...I tried that first.

usage: exclusively woods

I would think the piston is sticking in the caliper and keeping pressure on the pad all the time.

Stock Honda brake pads last quite a long time.

Try cleaning the piston by pumping it out with pads off but not to the point wear it pops out. Make sure the small boots are not torn and clean the pins good.

Im a brake rider, so I burn through them pretty fast too. The pads are stupid tiny. There really isnt a way to make them last unless you go with an earlier model caliper that uses the larger pads. Which some guys have done.

i cut out brass blanks then rivet them to backing plate---learned that from some hillbilly in west virginia :excuseme: ,works good :bonk:

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