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Bashplate and other mods on SM

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So, in all my wisdom i have decided to convert my 05 SM for offroad use. I heard alot of people saying that the suspension isnt valved for it, but after two days of hard riding, i can honestly say it performed quite well. I sold the motard rims, and and bought a second hand pair of wheels off some guys E model. Im still running 15/41T and it worked quite well. I will be changing the rear sprocket to a 46T within the next week.

Now heres my problem. I bought a aluminium bash plate from B&B over here in australia. The thing is. it was designed for an E model not the sm. Will it still fit? I figure it will because both bikes run the same engine so obviously the frame in that area will be the same. B&B have no idea if it will fit. They said try it, if it doesnt fit, send it back for a refund. Pain in the arse.

Also i cant seem to find a company that makes a rear disc protector for the SM, cant use an E model one because the bolt spacing would be different, and the SM runs a larger rotor. Any US companies sell these?

Within the next month or so i will start modding the engine. Im at a loss which mod i should do first. The carby (kit from thumpertalk) or hotcams?

Also at the moment i am running a staintune exaust(www.staintune.com.au) they are an australian company, anywayz, i dont know wether i should ditch it and get a yosh or what? I dont know how much of a difference there would be in the two. The yosh would be better of course, but im guessing it would only be marginal?

Also my bike shop said that yoshi make a 450 big bore kit. Any ideas on price and availibility?

thanks all

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