Just lost the 2nd stock clutch at 25 hrs...What a good aftermarket one?

It seems the stock springs get weak in a hurry..

43 hours on mine, just as responsive as the day I bought it. Make sure you have PLENTY of play in your clutch. I have seen a ton of clutches going out with all manufactures, guys ride there clutches with the same amount of play as a 2 stroke, and it just doesn't work (The nickel theory). You should have around 1/8 to 1/4 inch play. When the bike heats up the clutch becomes tight. Just make sure you pay close attention to your "play."

I have about 55 hrs on mine and it's still good to go. I turn the adjuster when I feel it starting to slip. I just removed the plates yesterday and still have plenty of meat on the friction plates and minimal blue haze on the steels. I only use the clutch to start off, power over obstacles and when going into a turn before the apex. I have started to teach myself to leave the clutch alone when entering a turn and use the brakes and engine to slow prior to the apex. It's working out and with more seat time I will get through the corners faster and no clutch. But when I have to change out the clutch I will go with the Barnett dirt digger. :excuseme:

I did the same exact thing ^^^

25 hours on my stock clutch. Barnett springs installed before I even fired the bike up for the first time. Holding up good..............

Pro Circuit springs installed before first ride, no problems yet......

It just depends on how you ride. I slip the crap out of mine. Therefore the plates, springs, fibers last about 20-25 hours. All I use is barnett spring, plates, fibers they have always worked best for me. :excuseme:

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