Messed up my Yosh!!!

Yesterday I found I had a pretty big exhaust leak coming from where the mid pipe meets the header on my yosh rs3. Basically the pipe was fitted wrong the last time I put it on.

Anyway, yesterday I tired to pull the exhaust off and the pipe was stuck at that connection. To begin with, one of the bolts that holds the pipe guard on was completly siezed. So I went ahead and tried to drill the offending bolt out. Well, the bit went completly through the pipe and snaped inside. I was able to use some liquid wrench to get it out today. Man, I should have used that stuff first :excuseme: ?


After I got the screw out, I was able to wrestle the mid pipe and header apart. but it looks like the flange at the header is a little dented and warped.

I'm not really confident that its going to mate up well, and I'm still going to be stuck with a leak.


Does anyone have any ideas how to plug the hole in my pipe and what I can do to straighten the flange out on the header?

You help is much appreciated!


Have the hole welded and swedge the header out a bit.

Either weld the hole, or re-tap the thread and fill it with the bolt that goes in there.

If you use a bolt, put some anti seize on it.

The dents in the pipe should come out OK if you use a special expanding plug.

You should be able to get someone at a exhaust fitting centre to do it for you for a drink.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Thanks for the help guys. I actually brought it to a small time muffler shop where they retapped the threads. Other then that, thats all they said they could do. They went ahead and forced the header back onto the mid pipe, wedging them all over again. I'm going to try a mineke this time to see if they can use an expanding plug. Does this device have a name?



Swedge-O-matic. Just kidding. I'm pretty sure they call it swedge.

Not sure what it's name is, but it is a fairly common tool in the exhaust fitting trade.

I even used to own one, it was a simple expanding tube, a bit like one of those expanding "RawlBolt" fixings used

for bolting things down to a concrete base, or to a wall.

Just insert it in the tube and do the bolt up.

Like this.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:


Thanks again guys!


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