03 wr 450 pipe

Hey guys, my 03 wr is Canadian and does not have any way of changing or removing the baffle in the pipe as it has the tip welded in. Would i benefit from a stock yz 450 pipe and if so, do i have to rejet the bike for it? thanks

You will probably benefit from the yz pipe, you will also probably have to up the main. Get the pipe, do a plug check and jet from there. Black plug= too rich, white plug= too lean, tan plug= perfection. (Although I like to run my bikes on the darker side of tan so I'm not lean if I ride in lower elevations or temperatures.)

Maybe you could consider looking at this very cheap modification I did, if you have the same pipe as the Aussie version.

To answer your question, yes I had to rejet to achieve the best performance from the bike.

WR450 muffler mod

I have gone a YZ pipe and i didn't have to rejet it. The yz pipe is a cheap and easy option

thanks for the advice guys. this thing just feels like it needs to be opened up a little.

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