broke shift lever... help on picking one to replace it.

hey everyone... i broke my shift lever at the last hare scramble i attended and i was wondering what the best replace meant was, i have been told that steel is stronger but you could bend the rod the gear shifter attaches too. would a after market aluminum one be better of should i just get a stock one??

thank you.


I would stay with the stock one,we tried the aluminum aftermarkets they loosen up all the time.

Just stay with OEM. :excuseme:

I got a shift lever from rockymountain/tusk brand....what a piece of crap

will only use as an emergency spare

Hammerhead makes one which has the option of changing the pedal length. This is particularly nice if your boot is big enough that the stock one doesn't fit well.


24700-KRN-000 PEDAL, CHANGE 40.29 37.22

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