oil filter and oil

I tried to do a search but its been disabled. What oil filters are the best/does everyone use and what oil is the best for the DRZe?

thanks guys

Try the search a couple of more times, it will usually work after a few tries.

The reason I say this instead of trying to answer your questions is that you will get about 10,00 different opinions of what oil is best for your bike. Everything ranging from full synthic motorcycle specific oil to the cheapest car oil you can find. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this.

Good luck finding what YOU think is the proper oil to use.

honest and to the point

thanks :excuseme:

I use Hyflo filters, and Silkolene full synthetic Pro4 in 15w-50, and I change it every 2000 street miles, or before a long fast trip, if it has more then 1000 miles on it.

Neil. :excuseme::bonk::busted:

Suzuki oil filters. Suzuki oil or M/C specific synthetic whatever/40 wt. Not the only thing what will work but you can't go wrong this this.

I use the K&N 139 filter bought of net for 5.75$ each. And use 10w40 amzoil.

There should be a rule about discussing theology or oil on the intraweb.

I use Hi-flo or OEM filters and Silkolene synthetic.

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